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Fit Boxing and gym training

photo fit box workout

Fit Boxing is a very practiced fitness activity in the gym that combines the moves of boxing and the dynamic training of aerobics, a discipline that is practiced to the rhythm of music with a lot or empty.

It is ideal for those who love combat sports and want to practice them without having real physical contact with someone, or for those who love to move to the rhythm of music and work in company or with a motivating group.

In addition, it is a sports discipline that brings many benefits to the body and the health of the body, especially indicated to those who want to quickly burn calories and lose weight.

What is Fit Boxing

 With Fit Boxing training you work

by performing a combination of punches, kicks, elbows and knees against a special bag or in front of the mirror, all in total safety.

This discipline, in fact, while taking inspiration from boxing, kick boxing and muay Thai,does not provide for the individual to come into contact with a real opponent.

For this reason, fit boxing is not part of combat sports, as shots are brought only against a bag or on the edge, against the gloves of a training partner.

Fit boxing makes you lose weight because it allows you to burn many calories, moreover, it makes all the muscles of the body work at the same time.

Benefits of Fit Boxing

Fit boxing allows to develop greater elasticity andpotency, better neuromuscular coordination and balance, moreover, infuses courage, motivation and fun.

But let’s see what are the main benefits of this discipline:

Muscle strengthening
: With fit boxing we see an improvement in tone and muscle mass, as the movements of the arms strengthen the pectorals, dorsals, shoulders and biceps. Movements with legs strengthen the muscles of the legs and abs, slim the waist and strengthen the back and pelvis.

Fat mass reduction: with fit boxing you burn many calories, on average, 500 for about 45 minutes of exercises, favoring the increase of lean mass and the decrease of fat mass.

Better coordination: thanks to the fast sequences of exercises and jumps, the coordination of arms and legs is trained.

Prevention of cardio-vascular disorders: fit boxing promotes blood circulation and improves respiratory capacity.

Stress relief and tension: training has a positive effect on the mind, promotes mental and physical relaxation, with reduction of stress and aggression.

photos of fit boxing workout

What do I need to practice Fit Boxing?

For a Fit Boxing workout it is important to have the appropriate clothing and accessories, whether you are training in the gym or at home.

Boxing fit gloves are needed to protect the hands and avoid injuries, these must be small, light, protective but not bulky. You can also use MMA gloves or bag gloves,the latter only if you are already trained, as the weight is slightly higher than the specific ones from fit boxing. Some personal trainers only wear boxing bands to protect the joints of the hand, in this case, you have to hit the bag more lightly as there is no padding to cushion the blow.

As for clothing, even if the boxing fit does not have a specific one, it is recommended to wear something comfortablethat allows you to make wide movements with your arms and legs without difficulty. The same goes for shoes,there are no specifics for Fit Boxing training but it is good to choose a cushioning model, able to preserve the joints of the feet.

Fit Boxing workout in the gym

Fit Boxing’s workout in the gym includes intense circuits of functional combat exercises, cardio,power and endurance, using a lot and other tools such as rope and straps.

Initially the phase of melting and stretching the muscles of the arms and legs is planned, then the personal trainer gradually sets up some exercises based on martial arts shots and attack and defense strategies, in which you have to hit, dodge and parry shots, jump, move and move diagonally.

The training lasts about 50 minutes and is suitable for everyone, men and women between the ages of 13 and 70. The exercises are studied by personal trainers in order to adapt to the needs of the individual, and are all aimed at maintaining physical fitness and firming the body, as well as helping to discharge stress.

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