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What is Pump Training?

The pump is an anaerobic fitness

workout that trains all the muscles of the body with a series of repetitions and exercises synchronized to the rhythm of music.

The characteristic of pump exercises is the technique that brings muscle towards the muscle pumping necessary for the development of muscle tone.

Muscles are put under strain through the classic movements and exercises that are used during a

weight room training


The tools used during pump exercises are barbells, steps, dumbbells and discs,the loads are rather bland, because it does not count the strength used in lifting weights, but the resistance in making a certain movement in a consistent number of repetitions during each piece of music.

The music used is slower than that used in aerobic workouts, to promote the coordination of movements.

pump workout photo
pump workout photo


Pump training has obvious benefits throughout the body, allowing you to tone muscles, improve strength, endurance and motor stability. The repetitive work of the same muscle district, provides the strengthening of bones and tendons. Muscles grow harmoniously and there is a consequent and noticeable reduction of fatty tissue.

In addition, it triggers changes in basal metabolism, increasing its activity even during the period following the training session, this allows you to achieve better weight loss.

It is ideal for those who want to train without the hectic pace of a circuit or aerobic training and without the effort that is made in the weight room.

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To those who want to strengthen their muscle endurance and train and tone the whole body.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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