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What is Boxing Fit?

Fit boxing is a fitness workout designed to improve overall fitness and train your body muscles. Fit boxing exercises are practiced to the rhythm of music and consist of a series of kicks and punches thrown at sacks or empty.

Although it takes its cue from certain disciplines such as boxing, kick boxing and muay thai, fit boxing is not a fighting sport, but a training that blends martial arts withaerobic activity, bringing multiple benefits to the whole body. During training the aim is to increase concentration and coordination by working at various levels on the target, with the aim of striking decisively and harmoniously.

Specific boxing gloves are used to protect the hands, they are small and light and do not strain too much movements, alternatively, you can only use boxing bands that protect the joints effectively but that limit the force thrown in the fists to avoid injury.

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The benefits of Boxing Fit

Fit boxing is an aerobic activity that improves cardiovascular endurance and brings generalized psychophysical benefits.

It can be practiced by all those who want to work on their body, increasing their strength and endurance, and by those who want to achieve excellent results in terms of slimming and toning.

With this discipline you have the opportunity to learn some technical-tactical fundamentals of boxing without direct contact with a real opponent, drawing all those that are the advantages of aerobic sport combined with the knowledge of personal self-defense.

Frequently asked questions

The boxing fit training can be practiced by everyone and at any age and is aimed at those who need to discharge stress and train the whole body.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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