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What is Pound Training?

The Pound is a high-impact aerobic discipline, is also known as Pound Rock Hard and is an innovative fitness workout.

The pound fitness involves the use of special weight wands and different lengths, called Ripstix,which help to perform targeted exercises, mixing positions and movements of different disciplines including cardio, pilates and yoga.

The chopsticks are green and during training pound are stirred in the air, beaten on the ground, on a mat or between them, giving rise to choreographies to the rhythm of music that make all the muscles of the body work.

pound workout photo
pound workout photo

The benefits of the Pound

The pound is a total body workout that promises multiple benefits, helps to burn fat,tone the whole body and improve mood.

Practicing the pound in the gym is a very fun experience, since the intense physical effort to which the body is subjected, is lightened by music and group work.

The pound course can be followed by anyone who wants to thin the silhouette, especially in the waist and hips.

In addition, it is suitable for those who need to discharge stress,since intense physical activity and music favor the release of endorphins, positively influencing mood.

Frequently asked questions

The pound training is suitable for everyone, during the lesson you can find the rhythm and intensity most suitable for your preparation.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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