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What is Super Jump Training

The Super Jump fitness is a low-impact cardio fitness

workout on the joints,including a combination of fast and slow jumps of varying intensity and height on a trampoline.

While skipping you perform fitness exercises typical of aerobic activity, gravity is exploited and in the more classic version, the exercises take place to the rhythm of music,making the workout more fun.

The Super Jump includes eight different modules designed according to the intensity of the exercises, the goals to be achieved and the athletic preparation of the individual.

All Super Jump exercises   are performed without ever getting off the trampoline, ranging from Thunderbell handlebar jumps to martial arts movements.

To train with the Super Jump you don’t need a great basic physical preparation, so it can be practiced by everyone.

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The benefits of the trampoline are manifold, the exercises activate the lymphatic system and stimulate the metabolism, increasing its activity. This allows you to strengthen the immune system, achieve excellent slimming results and effectively fight cellulite.

On a physical level, the Super Jump acts on the muscles toning them and, in long practice, shapes the body, especially the abdominal area. In addition, it strains very little joints, as the trampoline absorbs up to 85 of the impact. For this reason it can be safely practiced even by those who have minor problems in the knees, ankles and back.

Frequently asked questions

With eight Super Jump training modules available, anyone can train based on their basic physical preparation.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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