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What is core training?

The core training involves a series of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal, lumbar and pelvis area.

The word core indicates the set of muscles that are in the part of the body that allow you to control stability and strength from the trunk to the peripheral limbs.

Core stability training is important in a variety of areas ranging from preparation to athletic rehabilitation to postural gymnastics.

The goal is to stimulate and test the core’s ability to react to external stimulations through isometric, static or moving exercises,even with the use of tools that stimulate balance and coordination.

core training photos
core training photos

The benefits of core training

Core stability training is aimed at working on muscles to make them more toned and strong and to increase endurance and control.

A trained core promotes the performance of daily activities, from simple sitting to lifting very heavy loads, and is also supportive of athletes during the phases of sports preparation.

As with

circuit training,

core training can also be practiced by both those who carry out constant physical activity, and those who live a more sedentary life and want to intervene to improve their condition.

Frequently asked questions

To all those who want to strengthen the muscles of the central area of the body, improve posture and counteract back pain.

The duration of the training is 40 minutes.

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