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What is Step Intensity Training?

The step is the fitness

training par excellence, it is practiced on a platform about 40 cm wide and about one meter long, the height can be adapted according to the needs of the individual through spacers, and is ranging from 10 cm up to 25 cm.

Instep training, cardio work blocks are carried out alternating with muscle conditioning, exercises are performed to the rhythm of music.

The correct execution of the step exercises allows you to do an aerobic-toning training of medium/high intensity.

The step allows an aerobic-toning workout easy to perform and with the ability to do exercises of different intensity going to change the height of the step and adding different types of movement.

Step intensity training photos
Step intensity training photos

The benefits of Step Intensity

The step is an aerobic-toning activity of medium-high impact,ideal for those who want to maintain their fitness, strengthen muscle mass and lose weight.

The step training to lose weight is one of the most effective, thanks to the simultaneous stimulation of the muscles and the cardiovascular system to medium/high intensity, which leads to burn up to 400/500 calories in an hour.

Among the advantages of step training is the fact that you can play sports in a playful way, encouraged by the rhythm of the music and the team spirit,two aspects that positively influence the achievement of your goals. In addition, you also have benefits in terms of posture and endurance.

Frequently asked questions

The step training is suitable for all those who already have a good training base.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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