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Gym and physical rehabilitation

photos of functional re-education

When we talk about rehabilitation we refer to that set of treatments that allow the recovery of the physical and motor skills of an individual, so as to allow him to return to his daily life, reintegring into the various personal and social contexts.

Rehabilitation is usually recommended after an accident, trauma or injury that has severely impaired motor skills and finds different ways of applying depending on the pathology and its severity.

In the gym you can follow a path of physical and motor rehabilitation through motion therapy to achieve a recovery of muscle, joint and in the coordination of movements of the whole body.

Motor re-education is practiced initially passively and then active, it is indispensable in the case of orthopedic surgeries, both as preparation and in the rehabilitation path. In addition, it is taking on an increasingly important role in the field of prevention and in sport.

This is part of a program of physiokinesis therapy and/or postural re-education that also includes functional re-education, a phase of the rehabilitation path that includes exercises aimed at re-educating the body or part of it, to recover normal motor and postural activities.

Rehabilitation in the gym

Inside the gyms are available functional,physical and motor rehabilitation courses held by qualified staff able to prepare a personalized rehabilitation program based on the patient’s pathologies and his recovery skills.

Functional rehabilitation includes various treatment techniques including: assisted functional exercises, exercises with rubber bands, weights and stationary bikes, recovery of the technical gesture, exercises with muscle reinforcement machines and group gymnastics.

Among the paths and disciplines aimed at the rehabilitation of the body, we find:

Postural gymnastics

Also very important is  postural gymnastics that helps the body to improve posture and maintain the right balance to move properly.

The posture is influenced by our lifestyle, as well as by a structural component starting at birth, the important thing is to intervene by correcting the small and large problems that can help to effectively prevent problems that negatively affect everyday life.

Il Pilates

Another discipline that is used in the gym in physical rehabilitation and posture is Pilates, some variants blend the traditional methods of holistic disciplines with posturology, it aims to increase muscle endurance thanks to medium and high intensity exercises.

Post-operative rehabilitation

After surgery, it is essential to follow a rehabilitative path to recover the motor function of the affected body part. Depending on the type of post-operative injury, an appropriate protocol is established that will take into account the patient’s objective and subjective factors, his needs, recovery times and goals to be achieved.

Neurological rehabilitation

The aim is to help people with disabilities caused by nervous system injuries to be independent and autonomous. To achieve this goal, a multidisciplinary rehabilitation pathway is made available to improve functions, to decrease symptoms and to enhance the patient’s sense of well-being. It is a rehabilitative pathway especially indicated for those who have had brain injuries, stroke or are affected by diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

In addition, it is possible to follow personalized multidisciplinary programs to care for patients with respiratory dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, so that they can resume their role within society.

The effects of physical rehabilitation in the gym

After following a rehabilitation path in the gym, the results are visible on a physical level, of course these vary depending on the type of rehabilitation sustained and the pathology or problem starting.

Generally speaking, after performing rehabilitation in the gym, the muscles are stronger and more resistant and you can freely perform the movements of the affected joints and parts of the body.

You feel less pain and the inflammation that has affected a certain part of the body is reduced; In addition, a good level of relaxation of tissues is achieved and a general improvement in physical condition is benefited from.

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