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What is Calysthenic training?

Calisthenic is a free-bodied H.I.I.T.

cardio fitness workout designed for the development of a powerful musculature. It is a discipline that can also be practiced by beginners, since it starts from basic calisthenic exercises and then progresses, thus limiting the risk of injury.

In calisthenic exercises, body weight is used exclusively as resistance, but simple tools such as fixed or mobile bars, shoulder pads and parallels can also be used.

Basic exercises, for example, include squats, planks, bends, dips and torso and legs; each has variants with different degrees of intensity.

All exercises can be processed in static and negative positions, in repetitions or in freestyle.

calysthenic training photos
calysthenic training photos

The benefits of Calysthenic training

An advantage of calisthenic training is that you can train without equipment and perform an unlimited range of exercises.

Among the benefits of calisthenic exercises is the work to which all the muscles of the body are subjected which results in a gradual and steady increase in muscle mass.

Using your own body weight means maintaining an ideal percentage of fat, but also getting total control of your body weight.

Withcalisthenic training, different qualities such as balance, strength, endurance and movement speed develop and improve.

In addition, it offers benefits for cardiovascular and joint health and promotes mental well-being.

Frequently asked questions

Calisthenic training can be performed by anyone who wants to harmoniously develop the muscles with free-bodied exercises. Also suitable for beginners thanks to the graduality of the exercises.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes in the course room and up to 60/90 minutes in the weight room.

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