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What is Tabata Training

Tabata is named after its creator, Dr. Tabata, who, in 1986, implemented this training protocol. The Tabata method involves a workout at maximum intensity for an equal time interval, followed by a recovery one, all to be repeated several times.

In the Tabata protocol you work on large muscle groups such as legs, backs, abs and pectorals, but you can also choose to train freely. It is a high-intensity workoutworkout with tools and free body, during exercises you can do squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, jump squats, customizing them according to your own endurance.

Tabata training, like all HIIT exercises, is ideal for getting a great level of training in no time and, as preparation for activities such as running, boxing or football, disciplines in which cardio and muscle power are very important.

tabata workout photos
tabata workout photo

The benefits of Tabata training

Tabata training is a high-intensity workout that allows you to achieve optimal results in no time.

The Tabata method forces the body to work a lot, stimulating metabolism and muscle mass, so it is ideal for both weight loss and toning the muscles of the body.

It allows you to lose weight in a short time thanks to the work that the heart has to do to pump to the maximum, this effort accelerates the metabolism that continues to burn fat even after training.

In addition, if practiced constantly, Tabata training strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases endurance under strain and improves breathing.

Tabata training is suitable for athletes and athletes already fit, but also for those who need to get a very fast weight loss.

Frequently asked questions

Tabata training is very strenuous, so for beginners it should be slowly integrated into the training program to avoid injury. Ideal for athletes and professional athletes.

The duration of the training is 40 minutes.

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