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What is functional training?

Functional training or functional training is a high-intensity workout (H.I.I.T.), which consists of a series of free-body exercises using tools such as rope, kettlebell, medical balls, dumbbells, balances etc.

It is called functional training because it is performed reflecting the natural movements of the body. It is able to activate the entire musculature and helps to sculpt the body, toning it in its natural forms.

In a training session, several sequences of exercises are carried out in functional circuits (edt, amrap, emom, ladder, etc.).

Unlike other more selective workouts, functional gymnastics aims to develop motor skills and joint mobility.

In functional training there are exercises such as squats and lunges to tone buttocks and thighs,abs to work and slim the waist and have a flat tummy,and bends to firm up the muscles of the upper trunk.

functional training photos
functional training photos

The benefits of functional training

Functional training has various benefits throughout the body, it is designed to improve movement, sports coordination and motor patterns.

The use of the whole body allows a considerable expenditure of energy and promotes the acceleration of metabolism.

Cardiovascular abilities and muscle tone also increase. With a specific training program you can aim to achieve targeted goals such as improving posture,strengthening muscle tone and weight loss.

Thanks to the work that is done on the core, that is, on the abdominal area, the balance is improved and the power and perception of the conjunction between the upper and lower limbs is improved.

Frequently asked questions

Functional training is very strenuous and is ideal for those who, training both with free body and with the appropriate equipment, want to improve and strengthen the entire muscles of the body.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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