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Postural gymnastics

What is Postural Gymnastics

Postural gymnastics is a holistic discipline that underlies any other sporting activity,its goal is to improve posture through muscle reinforcement.

It is a non-aerobic workout whose potential is similar to power disciplines such as yoga pilates, strengthens the muscles that help to support the body and maintain a adequate posture. The postural gymnastics exercises are intended to teach the body again the postures to be taken, so that it performs the movements in the correct way.

Negatively affect your posture are traumas of various kinds, post-surgical scars, stress and a very sedentary life. The postural exercise program is aimed at those suffering from musculoskeletal pain such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and those who want to work on posture in a preventive way to avoid the appearance of any ailments.

The postural exercises in the gym are also performed with the fitball support on which you can sit, with the advantage of having better balance and concentration while performing the movements in order to reap the maximum benefit.

It is important to perform the movements correctly to avoid creating contractions and muscle-tendon imbalances, so it is essential to perform them in the gym together with the personal trainer who explains the correct execution.

postural workout photos
postural workout photos

The benefits of postural gymnastics

Postural gymnastics exercises are suitable for any age, children, teens, up to the elderly can practice.

In general, postural gymnastics is useful for those suffering from cervical, shoulder pain and back pain, but among its benefits we find an improvement in breathing due to a greater expansion of the lungs during stretching.

Useful to combat stress through the practice of relaxation of mind and body, increases awareness of posture during daily activities, contributes to the increase in muscle tone and elasticity of tissues and also brings benefits to the cardiocirculatory system.

Frequently asked questions

Postural gymnastics training is aimed at those who suffer from musculoskeletal problems of various kinds, but also those who want to avoid them with a preventive action.

The duration of the training is 60 minutes.

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