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What is Yoga Pilates training?

Yoga Pilates is a holistic discipline that combines yoga and pilates, doubling the benefits to the mind and body.

The difference between yoga and pilates is highlighted above all in the type of approach: yoga focuses on the mind as well as the body, while pilates has an almost rehabilitative purpose, whose exercises are structured for strengthening the core  and musculature of the whole body.

Yoga Pilates blends these two disciplines into a single practice, on the one hand there is yoga that, through a fixed position in which the body remains stationary, aims to obtain mental and physical benefits. On the other there is pilates which, through various exercises, teaches the body to take the correct posture, strengthens the muscles and gives greater fluidity to the movements.

Yoga and pilates training combines fixed positions that focus on breathing, to movement exercises, with the aim of making the most of the benefits for the body and mind, from both disciplines.

photos of yoga pilates
photos of yoga pilates

The benefits of Yoga Pilates

The benefits of those who practice Yoga Pilates are manifold and affect both the body and the mind. The muscles will be more elastic, strong and elongated thanks to a series of exercises that aim to increase muscle strength, relax the muscle tone and give greater flexibility to the whole body.

You work on breathing and you reach a very high level of concentration to get excellent control of your movements and to calmly and relax the situations of daily stress.

Yoga Pilates also has benefits in terms of weight control,increases the number of calories burned and contributes to weight loss. The precision of the movements is acquired with time and patience, as well as the results.

Frequently asked questions

Yoga Pilates training is aimed at all those who want to approach both disciplines enjoying in a single session all the benefits offered by yoga and pilates.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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