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What is Pilates

pilates is a holistic discipline that offers a new vision of the pilates method, much more scientific, based on the fascia, that is, the connective tissue of the body surrounding the muscles, bones and organs.

The band supports the body and connects its different parts. The myofasciale system is essential for the transmission of force to the muscle,to generate energy and movement in every direction, and is also responsible for posture.

The training of myofasciale pilates involves a series of simple and complex movements,thinking to make the body more flexible and elastic.

With classic pilates the exercises tone and strengthen the muscles, especially those of the back and core, while with those on the band you work on elasticity, lightness, fluidity and freedom of movement,which is the starting point for a complete and effective training.

During the myofasciale course, the exercises are performed with the help of the personal trainer,you use a mat for the classic pilates exercises, and then start using aids such as balls and rollers to massage the areas of the body and reduce tension at the band level.

Myofasciale pilates can be integrated with other techniques such as postural gymnastics.



photo of pilates myofasciale
photo of pilates myofasciale

The benefits of Pilates Myofasciale

The benefits of myofascial pilates are mainly aimed at the health of the back, neck and shoulders,to treat disorders in these districts.

Lombalgia, sciatica, muscle contractions, stiffening, cervical, this discipline works on the muscle districts of the whole body and on myofascial chains, in particulars on the back band ranging from the head to the heels, up to the sole of the foot.

The exercises allow you to work on stretching muscles, strengthening them and toning them.

Working on the whole skeletal apparatus recovers a correct posture, intervenes on the reasons that have negatively affected it and eliminates the pain altogether.

The pilates method helps to relax body and mind and to regain harmony and balance, thanks to special relaxation exercises that allow better management of anxiety and stress.

Frequently asked questions

Myofascial pilates is suitable for everyone, men, women, beginners, athletes and athletes who want to work on their body to maximize their performance, to prevent injuries and any musculoskeletal problems and to speed up post trauma or injury recovery.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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