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How to become a personal trainer

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In recent years, the tendency to take care of one’s body and nutrition has developed, resulting in a reassessment of the importance of physical activity.

The fitness offer has been enriched with new disciplines and the figure of the personal trainer has become essential for those who want a personal athletic trainer and a personalized workout.

More and more sports fans decide to take up this profession and ask themselves how to become a professional personal trainer, we try to clarify the requirements and what is the type of personal trainer training to follow.

In personal training,the figure of the personal trainer is that of the coach who offers his services to third parties, following them personally. This is a freelancer who should not be confused with the instructor of the gym weight room who, works as an employee.

How to become a personal trainer: the requirements

Work as a personal trainer can give great satisfaction, but it is necessary to start this profession with good training that includes study and practice. Training must lead to obtaining a diploma as a personal trainer and continue with internships and advanced training and training courses.

Before taking a personal trainer training course,you must ensure that technical qualifications are guaranteed that are valid and are recognised in the field.

Among the requirements to practice this work is the experience of sports practice, the knowledge of the fitness and training industry,the passion for sports activity and the charisma to be able to transmit it. It is necessary to have communication and motivational skills, useful during training sessions with customers.

From a technical point of view, to access the top-level personal trainer training course you have to be in possession of even just the Lower school diploma, have Italian or EU citizenship, have not had criminal convictions in the last 5 years and have a minimum of experience in sports practice and culture, even with the mere frequency of fitness rooms and/or sports centers.

Is a personal trainer’s diploma mandatory?

The Italian and European legislation on diplomas and qualifications for the practice of this profession is controversial, but the principle remains that adequate training is required in order to work as a personal trainer.

Hardly, a gym or a sports center give the possibility to a person simply passionate about fitness to work, you must always follow recognized personal trainer training courses, have a valid diploma and practical experience.

It is important to make it clear that currently, in order to practice as a personal trainer, there is no obligation to follow a university course of training with subsequent state examinations.

This is because, unlike other professionals, sports trainers are freelancers who fall under the discipline of the law 4/2013 on unregulated professions and do not require a degree and registration in the Register in order to practice the profession.

But the minimum requirement is still to attend a personal trainer course with a recognized diploma in order to be considered during a job interview.

Regional laws and CONI

Although there is no legal obligation to have a university education, regional laws and CONI have decided to regulate the sector, trying to put some order to prevent even unqualified people from accessing the profession.

At the level of Regional Laws there is an obligation to hire in sports centers only qualified staff with a degree in Motor Sciences or professionals with a diploma issued by a sports body recognized by CONI.

ConI, Italy’s National Olympic Committee, offers the possibility, at the regional level, to take courses to become personal trainers at some academies and sports associations that issue titles dedicated to those who aspire to become a fitness instructor, weightlifting and physical culture.

Those who want to become a sports instructor must follow those that allow to obtain the title of personal trainer or fitness instructor, depending on the type of specialization chosen.

The training courses of conE-recognized schools allow you to acquire the diploma of personal trainer, a regional certificate of qualification of the profession. As regions regulate the rules of the activities of gyms and sports centres, it is also advisable to check the laws that affect the personal trainer’s work in the region where you intend to practice the profession, to understand if it is possible to work and if different or additional requirements are required.

Qualification as a personal trainer at national level

Nationally, qualified personal trainers and instructors are considered to have a diploma at isEF,the Higher Institute of Physical Education; those who have earned their degree in Motor Sciences,those who got enabling CONI’s regional sports schools and at sports associations recognized by CONI for the issuance of diplomas and certifications.

We also remember that the personal trainer can always continue his training to specialize in different areas related to his activity and stay up to date on the news related to the world of fitness and athletic preparation.

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