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What is Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a Thai sport also known as Thai boxing or Thai boxing, it is practiced in gyms using special clothing and protections.

In addition to shorts and a round-sleeved shirt, you wear paratibies, a helmet, bodice and mouthguards, to avoid serious risks during training.

The origins of Muay Thai are very ancient and date back to about 1,500 years ago, when the Thai people began to use this martial art to defend themselves.

Thai boxing workouts are calibrated to the physical potential of those who practice it. The lesson begins with the warm-up phase,continues with the practice of memorizing and executing the various techniques and combining them against an opponent and ends with the enhancement of all punch and football techniques.

The techniques are enhanced by using hitters, such as pao or heavy bag, tools that serve to develop speed and muscle power.

The training takes place with the personal trainer and is entirely adapted to the physical condition of the individual.

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The benefits of Muay Thay

Muay Thai is an aerobic training and as such improves endurance, elasticity of muscles, agility and reflexes. It’s a fun activity that helps you drain stress and stay in shape, training your whole body.

Thai boxing training is suitable for those who want to work on the whole musculature and do a different activity to lose weight. In addition, it improves the tone of the various areas of the body, especially that of the buttocks, abdomen and lower back.

Muay Thai is among the best fitness strategies to shape the body, strengthen the muscles and help the mind to be more agile and responsive.

Frequently asked questions

Muay Thai is suitable for those who want a different aerobic training than usual and work on their body in its entirety.

The duration of the training is 60 minutes.

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