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What is classical dance?

Classical dance is considered the mother of all dances, it is an activity that stimulates both personal and artistic growth and promotes the relational aspect.

Educational exercises teach students respect for themselves, classmates, and rules.

Ballet dancers experience a greater awareness of their body and emotions. Through the steps of classical dance you favor musicality and the sense of rhythm,better memory and ability to express yourself through body language.

In the dance school is taught discipline, education to technique. More and more people see ballet as an alternative to fitness to work on their body in a harmonious way and relax the mind.

Children’s classical dance is recommended from the age of 6,when the body is evolving and malleable. During ballet classes, children also acquire a sense of rhythm, learn to socialize, become more aware of their body and posture,avoiding the possible appearance of future problems of the spine.

Classes are held inside the dance school with teachers prepared and ready to support the students and to teach them all the techniques and exercises of the discipline.

photo of ballet
photo of ballet

The benefits of ballet

Classical dance has many benefits,for both adults and children, the main ones are on the physique. Thanks to the continuous work on the dorsal muscles and shoulders, the spine stretches and remains in axis,avoiding the appearance of pathologies such as scoliosis and grossosis.

The hard and constant training promotes the development of the muscles,especially that of the calves, thighs, buttocks and arms.

This discipline improves coordination, elasticity and balance and teaches elegance and bearing.

Children acquire elasticity in the ligaments and have a better and gradual development of the tone of the fibers of the muscles.

In addition, classical dance promotes the formation of a disciplined personality and very attentive to compliance with the rules.

Frequently asked questions

The ballet course is aimed at adults and children, beginners and experts who want to work harmoniously on their body and express themselves through the art of this discipline.

The duration of the course is 60 minutes.

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