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Modern dance

What is modern dance?

Modern dance was born in the late 1900s as opposed to classical dance


to distance itself from the rigid patterns of the latter. Modern dance dancers are free from any stylistic imposition, through choreography they can give voice to their own personality and to creative and expressive freedom..

The choreography of modern dance focuses on improvisation and the use of energy to express oneself. There is no lack of technical canons, indispensable to allow the dancer to move freely and with awareness in space letting himself be guided by the music.

Modern dance is also suitable for children and is essential to highlight all their artistic and creative potential through body language. The course takes place in the dance school and aims to make known all the technical elements that are the basis of this discipline, to allow students to freely perform choreography of modern dance.

Modern dance photo
modern dance photos

The benefits of modern dance

Modern dance is an activity that allows the body and mind to reap many benefits in a pleasant and fun way.

Through dance movements you strengthen the muscles,activate the blood circulation and acquire greater flexibility of the joints.

It promotes weight loss and helps to tone even the most difficult areas of the body such as buttocks and thighs.

It also teaches you to have a bearing and to correct any postural problems. Modern dance improves movement coordination and helps to have greater body mastery.

On a psychological level, thanks to music and freedom of movement, modern dance helps to overcome inhibitions and ward off stress, going beyond the limits and patterns dictated by the daily routine.

Frequently asked questions

Modern dance is aimed at those who want to learn a discipline in which freedom of expression is important through their body and enjoy a complete aerobic training.

The duration of the lesson is 50 minutes.

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