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Dance game

What is the Dance Game course?

The Dance Game course is dedicated to girls and children to bring them closer to this discipline through playful and creative activities.

Children’s dance game is a moment of aggregation that results in a path of relationship with others and with music, creating a serene atmosphere, made of recreation and fun.

Through the free-body dance play exercises teaches children a correct posture and a better ability to coordinate.

With couple games, group games and improvisation, children learn the concepts of space, musicality and rhythm,tying them to movements such as a jump, a somersault or a pirouette.

Teachers at the  dance school are always available to develop new creative and original ways of teaching to involve young pupils in the various activities.

photos of the dance game
Photo dance game

The benefits of the Dance Game

With the Dance Game course children have a spontaneous approach to dance,through play activity develop critical, analytical and decision-making skills.

This discipline helps children to have a greater awareness of their body, helps to improve balance and to have mastery of space, and understand the importance of group sharing.

Through the work proposed in the lessons in the form of play,children explore the experience of movement, coordination and the relationship with music.

They also learn small choreographies,important for developing storage capacity. The dance game also has piscoological benefits, it helps them to express anxieties, tensions and stresses that accumulate during everyday life, coming to the end of the lesson much more serene and happy.

Frequently asked questions

The dance game course is aimed at children from the age of 3.

The duration of the course is 50 minutes.

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