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Hip pop

What is Hip pop?

Hip hop dance is also called Street dance, a dance style born on the street in the USA that encompasses numerous styles including modern dance

and contemporary dance.

Hiphop dance requires a lot of sense of rhythm and coordination due to hip hop music which is particularly fast compared to other musical genres.

Hip hop choreography requires perfect motor control and a lot of muscle contraction.

Unlike all other dances, hip hop is the most creative because it does not follow set steps but leaves the dancer the freedom to express himself completely through the movements, transforming each step into a spectacular gesture.

Hip hop dance is the most suitable style for all children and teens who love contemporary music.

Hip hop classes are held in the dance school

together with the trained teachers who divide the lessons according to the age of the students.

foto di hip pop danza
foto hip pop danza

The benefits of hip pop

Hip hop dance is a complete workout both physical and mental, during the lesson you learn combinations of movements that stimulate all the muscles of the body.

In order to create a complete choreography it is necessary to make a great physical effort that involves a high combination of movements, combined with an exercise in memory and coordination.

Movements require a huge amount of energy. The dancer becomes aware of his own muscle districts, learning to control them to his liking following the rhythm of the music.

It is a very fun style of dance that also allows you to develop other skills such as concentration, accuracy and self-confidence.

Among children and young people it promotes communication, sharing and group spirit.

Frequently asked questions

Hip hop dance is ideal for those who love contemporary music and are looking for a discipline to train the body through free movements working on rhythm and coordination.

The duration of the lesson is 60 minutes.

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