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Spinning and cellulite: shaping the legs

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Spinning is a sport that can help fight cellulite

and prevent it but, in order to bring concrete results, it must be combined with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Cellulite, also known as orange peel skin, involves the alteration of the subcutaneous tissue with hypertrophy of fat cells.

Fat accumulates mainly on the hips, buttocks and thighs, points on which you have to work through activities such as spinning.

The causes of cellulite are manifold such as inflammation, genetic and hormonal factors, etc. Other aggravating factors are a too sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity, stress, incorrect posture, etc.

Spinning to lose weight and work on the legs

Spinning classes are ideal for those who want to lose weight, reduce cellulite and work on the legs, buttocks and hips area.

It is in fact known as one of the best disciplines to tone the buttocks and lose weight on legs and waistline, since it goes to work on these parts of the body in a direct way as when cycling.

A spinning workout allows you to burn a lot of calories and also to tone the muscles.

The spinning, even if stationary, helps to work on the whole organism in a complete way, this thanks to the weight of the flywheel tied to the wheels which implies a greater effort, at a high pace, through the pedals.

Effort that causes the calf tendons to contract and the heartbeat to increase, even at a faster rate than when using the exercise bike.

Through spinning, therefore, you do an intense job with high cardiac performance , a discipline of cardio fitness practiced especially by those who want to lose weight and tone their legs and body.

If you want to lose weight with this sport, you can contact our personal trainers who will create for you a spinning table to lose weight completely personalized. Contact us.

Spinning and cellulite: the advantages

As anticipated, to be able to burn fat and eliminate cellulite with spinning it is necessary to work on nutrition, preferring protein meals. Eating the correct foods helps prevent and counteract this blemish, moreover, good hydration is essential, drinking at least 2 liters of water a day.

A 45-minute spinning lesson allows you to burn 400 to 700 calories, practicing it at least 2 times a week, helps speed up the elimination of water retention and cellulite.

To work in the right way it is important to know the fundamental positions:

  • Standing climbing: body raised and moved forward with hands resting on the handlebars. It also serves to tone the buttocks.
  • Jumping: continuous lifting of the torso from the seat.
  • Standing flat: similar to jumping but the position is closer to the saddle and the intensity of pedaling is lower.
  • Seated flat: sitting and hands in the middle of the handlebar.
  • Seated climbing: like the seated flat but with the pelvis far behind.

During a spinning lesson, all these basic positions are practiced, along with others that the personal trainer will consider adding.

It is essential, even during training, to drink a lot, since during the lesson you sweat a lot and it is important to integrate the lost mineral salts .

So, does spinning really help fight cellulite? The answer is yes, this sport contributes considerably to countering the problem.

You still need a training program and monitoring of results over time.

If you want to eliminate cellulite and shape your legs, book a spinning class in Imperia at our gym.

Our personal trainers will help you achieve the desired results, based on your availability of time and the physical condition of departure. Contact us.

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