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What is Spinning?

Spinning is one of the most famous fitness workouts, born in the early 90s, today it is a sport very used to keep fit.

It’s an aerobic workout that you perform on a stationary bike called Stationary bike or just Spin Bike.

Spinning in the gym is organized in group lessons, it is ideal if you want to clear the mind of stress and train the whole body.

Spinning lessons are performed by pedaling to the rhythm of music that serves to give an extra charge while pedaling, to find the right grit and energy to get to the bottom.

The initial phase of spinning training involves slow-paced heating,then a later phase at a faster pace, and then ending with a phase of defatication and stretching.

It is a training that combines sport and fun, is suitable for everyone and easy to perform.

foto di allenamento spinning
foto di allenamento spinning

The benefits of Spinning

The benefits are multiple, as training activities, improves endurance and elasticity, stimulates energy metabolism and concretely promotes weight loss. Instead, it is not particularly suitable for those who practice

Body Building

and is looking for disciplines to increase potency.

Spinning brings significant benefits both cardiovascular and muscle, keeps the heart and lungs in training and works mainly on the muscles of the lower limbs, buttocks and abdomen.

During a 50-minute spinning lesson, you burn up to 600 calories. Spinning, like all sports, frees endorphins that improve mood and promote socialization.

Frequently asked questions

Spinning is suitable for everyone except for the presence of heart or respiratory conditions and should always be performed with a personal trainer.

The duration of the training is 50 minutes.

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