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Muscle strengthening in the gym

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When it comes to muscle strengthening or strengthening, we refer to a work of improving the strength, that is, the maximum tension that a muscle develops against external resistance.

For muscle strengthening to be effective it is necessary to identify the type of strength to train and then establish a custom workout that correctly distributes loads according to the physical level and technical and motor skills of the individual.

The types of force stand out in maximum force which is the highest degree of force expressed by voluntary contraction of the muscle; rapid force which is the ability to withstand a strong and rapid muscle contraction; strength,that is, the ability over time to repeatedly make high voltages.

The training program

It is recommended and indicated, at the beginning of the training program, to do a general strength work on various muscle districts with the most series and repetitions.

The series are a group of exercises that are carried out consecutively, followed by a recovery time, while repetitions are a number of exercises performed in a series.

The personal trainer must determine exactly the number of series and repetitions to be performed in order to achieve the goals set and make training cards.

Next, you move on to do a more specific job based on the type of strength to train,the load and the level of training that can be competitive or amateur.

During the phase of increased intensity of work it is necessary to identify those muscle districts that need muscle strengthening exercises and, selecting the latter correctly and with the right administration of loads.

It is important to point out that a training involving an increase in the amount of load stabilizes the strength levels, while the one that increases the intensity of the load is aimed at also boosting the strength levels.

At the beginning of the training program, you should not use Maximum loads or try to work immediately on some targeted muscle districts at the expense of others, but commit to improving the level of physical efficiency and technical and motor skills, in order to adapt the body to a progressive increase in workload.

A basic principle of muscle strengthening concerns overload, at this stage the muscle is exercised against a higher resistance than is usually used during the performance of daily activities. The overload must be increased progressively and gradually in order to produce a progressive increase in force.

Working on muscle enhancement in the gym

In the gym the programming of themuscle strengthening training is carried out by the personal trainer who according to the goals, the physical condition of the subject and his general training level, prepares a program.

Muscle enhancement in the gym is performed with isotonic machines,particularly for the muscle strengthening work of the legs,or, with free weights including barbells and dumbbells.

Weighttraining is particularly suitable in adulthood, especially in sedentary subjects over 50 and in women. Studies have shown that at this age, a workout that maintains and/or increases strength values is a valuable aid in preventing the risk of fracture and osteoporosis.

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