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Gym training cards: how to identify their quality

Photo training card in the gym

When you join the gym, you receive the training card made by the personal trainer, which will be used as a guide to know what are the best exercises to do to achieve your fitness goals.

But how to tell if a training card is effective? Whether you are the person who has to train or a personal trainer who has to make a training plan, knowing the right methodologies with which it must be set up, is fundamental.

Gym card: definition

The training card for the gym is a written table that contains the information necessary to make the customer understand what are the exercises he will have to do and in what sequence.

To achieve fitness goals in the gym you need to plan a long-term work.

Before realizing, the personal trainer has a brief conversation to understand what is the level of preparation at the start and what are the final expectations: lose weight, tone, increase endurance or muscle mass, etc.

The gym card is very useful because it acts as a guide in training even when the usual personal trainer is not present. In addition, it can be shown to any other instructor who can immediately understand what things need to be done.

How do you make a correct training card?

The gym cards for men or women are tailor-made, based on the objectives to be achieved, it is possible to draw up a training program aimed, for example, at slimming or defining the muscles.

Some examples:

  • Slimming gym card
  • Massa man gym card
  • Gym card definition woman
  • Gym card definition man

The training card must, therefore, always be set according to a training exercise program that takes into account individual needs, inserting series and repetitions appropriate to obtain the result.

How is a gym card set up?

In the first part some starting data are inserted: name, surname, height, age and weight, all information to which consent must be given for the treatment. It is important to remember that only the gym will use the data provided.

In the second part there are rows or tables in which the personal trainer inserts the exercises to be performed, the repetitions and the recovery times.

There are no pro forma gym cards, everyone starts from a different fitness level, as well as different, are the goals to be achieved.

The card can be modified according to the customer’s preferences, or, by the instructor, if he notices that an exercise is too strenuous or useless and replace it.

The training card is flexible, it is never final and can be updated as many times as necessary.

How to tell if the gym training card is of quality?

Today, the gym cards are also available in digital form, to be downloaded directly to the smartphone, or, through dedicated applications, (Discover our training card on mobile) to allow the customer to easily consult the information and monitor their progress.

A quality card is the one made by professional personal trainers who set it starting from the physical conditions of the person, on the starting fitness level and on short, medium and long-term goals.

Preset training cards should be avoided, easily downloaded from the web, ineffective and sometimes even harmful.

This is because, as already mentioned, each person is different and needs a tailor-made exercise program.

Be wary of gyms that do not offer the creation of a personalized training card.

Contact us if you need an ad hoc gym card, our personal trainers are at your disposal.

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