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What is the Body Building

The Body Building is a workout that is performed in the weight room


through the use of tools such as dumbbells, barbells and body-building machinery.

The definition of body building can be summarized in “physical construction”, which results in constant work to develop endurance, muscle strength and muscle building.

Muscle growth for those who have passion body building has exclusively aesthetic purposes, that is, for the achievement of their beauty standards according to this discipline, but it can also be pursued for competitive purposes to participate in competitions organized at national and international level.

The construction of the musculature takes place by practicing very strenuous physical exercises, combined with a targeted diet based mainly on foods rich in protein.

In the weight room there are all the equipment to practice a complete body building workout.

body building photo
body building workout photos

The benefits of body building

Practicing body building not only improves physical appearance and strengthens muscles,but brings very important benefits to the whole body.

Weight training improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, reduces resting heart rate and strengthens respiratory muscles.

Resistance training stimulates the body to increase bone density, and is therefore a physical activity that reduces the risk of osteoporosis and slows down aging.

Body building requires constant training that brings all muscles to maximum effort, so it is not suitable for those with various pathologies, especially heart and muscle diseases.

Frequently asked questions

The body building is aimed at those who want to work on the aesthetic appearance of the body and on the strength and muscle building.

The duration of the training is 60/90 minutes.

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