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What is Functional Re-education?

The functional re-education is the phase of the rehabilitation process that includes a series of exercises aimed at re-educate the body or part of it, to normal motor and postural activities. The definition of rehabilitation differs from that of physiotherapy. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy are two different phases: functional rehabilitation is a path that includes a series of treatments that re-educate the body to its normal activities.

Physiotherapy includes a number of physical therapies such as tecor, magnetotherapy, bandages,to decrease pain and inflammation and help tissues heal. Therefore, after the physiotherapy phase, the functional recovery of the muscle,ligament or joint is carried out.

Functional re-education consists of three phases: the first consists of a careful assessment to get an accurate clinical picture of the patient and his disorder and set an appropriate rehabilitative protocol. The next step involves assisted exercises aimed at working on increasing muscle tone and stretching and postural proprioceptive control.

Finally, after recovering the motor patterns, the patient can undergo greater workloads until they resume normal daily activities.

photos of functional re-education
photos of functional re-education

The benefits of functional re-education

Functional re-education is applied to all those situations that require the recovery of reduced or lost motor function due to trauma or surgery. It allows a recovery of the sensitivity of the body part to be treated, restores the proprioception of the body and muscles, re-educates the joints to natural movements and the muscles to the correct work.

Functional rehabilitation is carried out in the

weight room

with the support of other equipment in the

cardio room,

all followed by a qualified personal trainer. The duration of rehabilitative treatment varies depending on the patient’s condition and his ability to recover.

Frequently asked questions

For those who need to recover normal motor and postural functions after suffering trauma or surgery.

The duration of the training is 60 minutes.

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