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What is circuit training?

The female easing in the weight room is designed for women who want to improve the state of overall fitness, train strength and muscle endurance.

Weight exercises are based on the number of repetitions, serial number, and load. We use dumbbells, barbells and body building machinery. Before starting training it is important to understand the distinction between basic exercises and finishing exercises. With the former we work with free or free-body loads to create a hormonal decompensation that stimulates the growth of the musculature and allows a better neuromuscular condition. It is important to do basic exercises for each muscle group and then perfect the work by performing finishing exercises.

The latter are carried out using isotonic machinery to isolate movement and allow the muscle to develop a constant tension.

During women’s weight training you are followed by a personal trainer who prepares the exercise board according to the goals you want to achieve.

foto di allenamento femminile
foto allenamento femminile

The benefits of women's training

Women’s training in the weight room has many benefits,as well as promoting muscle development in women, helps to keep the body toned and healthy.

It allows you to burn fat and increases metabolism, this is because the muscles need more energy to carry out their daily activity, so they consume much more.

A physique with a developed musculature burns calories even in an inactive state, that is, before and after the activity.

In addition, weight room training helps lower levels of bad cholesterol,improves the cardiovascular system, helps to keep joints stronger and reduces stress.

Frequently asked questions

To all women who want to tone the body in a harmonious way and develop the musculature.

The duration of the training is 60 minutes.

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