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What is the Cardio Room

Cardio training is also known as cardiovascular training and includes a number of exercises that allow you to burn fat, lose weight and strengthen strength and endurance.

The exercises take place in the cardio room and involve the use of specific tools such as scale, elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike and rowing for the aerobic component, but can also be used in weight and circuit workouts.

In aerobic cardiovascular training you can perform long and constant sessions or short and intense anaerobic workouts such as



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The benefits of the Cardio Room

Cardio training improves cardiorespiratory functionality,since with aerobic activity increases oxygen intake in the body with beneficial effects on the heart and lungs.

The cardio room for weight loss is very effective, increasing energy expenditure with training combined with a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet,you lose weight very quickly.

With an hour of exercises you burn up to 600 calories,in addition, it speeds up your metabolism, thanks to the execution of more specific and targeted exercises. Cardiovascular training firms and tones all areas of the body, legs, buttocks, abs and arms, favoring the development of musculature. Gradually increases strength and stamina and promotes a drop in blood pressure.

Frequently asked questions

Cardio training is ideal for those who want to work on the whole fitness, burn many calories and tone.

The duration of the workout is 30 to 60 minutes.

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