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What is the job as a personal trainer?

The personal trainer’s work includes several tasks, it is an activity that allows you to work individually with the client, implementing specific and targeted training programs.

During the lesson, the gym instructor carefully follows all the steps of the workout in order to identify the right ways to optimize the work to achieve the goals set.

This is not an improvised person but a specialized professional with comprehensive training, sports, food and health education.

His work is very complex because he has to guide his client in every step to help him achieve an optimal physical state and well-being.

Courses to become personal trainers

In Italy, the figure of the personal trainer is not recognized so there is no register and there is no precise legislation that regulates this craft at the national level, but there are only regional laws.

If you are wondering how to become a gym instructor,you should know that you need to undergo a very complex and articulated training on different degrees.

It starts with a degree related to the type of work, that is, the one in Motor Sciences or the one in Biosciences or Biology. Students from Motor Sciences who wish to become personal trainers, integrate a training course following a postgraduate course that leads to the release of a gym instructor diploma that is valid throughout the country and is essential to work in the gym. However, graduation is not required in order to obtain a diploma.

A trained and competent personal trainer has knowledge anatomy, physiology, traumatology, nutrition and sports medicineIn addition, it is well prepared to work individually with the client carefully proposing a personalized training path and a training program that takes into account personal factors such as age, gender, level of preparation and general health conditions.

What does the personal trainer do?

The personal trainer performs numerous activities, some very different from each other, not only provides a basic training program, but carefully studies the person and his progress, modifying the exercises and adapting them over time.

Let’s look specifically at some typical tasks of the personal trainer:

  • Makes sports diagnostics before and after training
  • Create a bespoke training program
  • Gives advice on nutrition
  • Guide groups or individuals while performing exercises
  • Corrects customers in case they miss an exercise
  • Offers fitness classes, H.I.I.T courses and yoga classes

Of course, the field of action is much wider, there are many specialization courses for personal trainers that direct the work towards a particular aspect, such as group fitness or work in the weight room.

How the personal trainer’s work is articulated

The personal trainer is a personal trainer who must carefully take care of every stage of training, without neglecting the before and after.

The activity begins with an accurate anthropometric and functional assessment of the subject, with a history of his health and the collection of all useful information, including any ongoing drug treatment. The collected data is placed in a card that the personal trainer constantly updates.

The next step is to identify all the goals to be achieved of those indicated by the customer, never forgetting that not all are desirable. In some cases, it is good to start a comparison by looking for a solution that meets the demands without harming your health.

In other cases it is necessary to evaluate the results already obtained, perhaps as a result of important problems such as hypertrophy, without fueling false expectations. With regular intervals,about every 2-3 months, you will have to check what effects you have obtained with the training and what the goals achieved so far, with the possibility of making changes and variations.

In addition, not always the personal trainer must follow all the workouts of an individual, it is possible to determine, depending on the case, when his presence is necessary. Usually, it is indispensable in the early stages, then interventions are limited only to when it is really necessary.

This ensures that the client can be followed by a personal trainer during the training period without having to face a very high expense, but it is also possible, for those who can afford it, to have a personal trainer with constant assistance for all types of workouts.

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