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Exercises for functional training in the gym

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In recent years a new form of training called functional training or functional training has been introduced in the world of fitness, based on
performing exercises
that misdeed the movements that the body does within the daily environment.

Thanks to this type of training, all muscle districts are activated at the same time, combining intensity and loads of movement,leading to benefits ranging from weight loss, to toning of muscles to functional motor improvement.

What is functional training?

Functional training is an extremely effective method that allows to achieve excellent results in terms of weight loss and toning, and todevelop motor skills and coordination of movements.

Through this training the muscles of the body are activated with natural movements that are very close to the gestures that are carried out every day in everyday life.

In a training session there are exercises organized in various circuits, the recovery times depend on the intensity of the exercises and the objectives you want to achieve to improve physical performance.

We suggest functional training in the gym, because itis important to do the exercises in the correct way, especially at the beginning.

The presence of a personal trainer who can create personalized functional

training cards and follow you in the initial phase of approach to this type of exercise, is fundamental to achieve the desired results.

Functional training can be adapted to the needs of each individual, as the exercises are very versatile and can be adapted to any sports technique, age, intensity and level of training.

You don’t have to use fitness gear. Depending on the goal to be achieved, the personal trainer can do a specific training program useful to correct posture, strengthen muscle tone and lose weight.

The benefits of functional training

The benefits of functional training are manifold, first of all they allow to improve the movement of the body especially in cases of sedentary or incorrect motor and functional attitudes.

Performing functional gestures and controlling the body within space helps to improve coordination and motor patterns, and to acquire greater awareness and control of movements.

In addition, functional training exercises can also be aimed at weight loss, in this case you should not only focus on the correct execution of the functional motor gesture, but also increase the frequency and intensity.

To optimize weight loss it is necessary to combine adequate nutrition with exercises that synergistically involve different muscle groups, in order to achieve maximum energy expenditure.

Functional training exercises

Functional training exercises can be adapted to any environment and situation. In fact, they can be performed in the gym using conventional fitness tools,or, at home or outdoors, the important thing is to stimulate your own receptivity and total control of the body.

Among the tools of functional training in the gym there are: ropes, suspension ropes, bosu, fitball, elastics, medical balls, proprioceptive tablets, dumbbells, slides, barbells, rings, parallels, boxes, discs, ect…

You can train outdoors using boulders, logs, ropes, chains, benches, bars and tires, while, in the house, chairs, tables, walls, doors, brooms, balls, shelves, ect…

Example of functional training

Functional training exercises must simulate the typical movements of everyday life then push, walk, twist, traction, flexion on the legs and balance.

Before you start you have to do ten minutesof heating, you can use a treadmill, an exercise bike, or perform upward leg outs.

Repeat the exercises at least 15 times. Be followed by the personal trainer in the gym for the correct execution of each exercise.

  • – Squat: to tone the buttocks and back of the thighs.
  • – Lunges: to work on the muscles of the legs and chest
  • – Swing: to work on a large part of the muscles of the body
  • – Press: to stabilize the muscles of the trunk
  • – Push Press: to strengthen the muscles,improve balance andposture
  • – Snatch: to improve coordination and stability
  • – Undead: to strengthen lower limbs, shoulders, back and arms

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