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Yoga and personal well-being

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Yoga is the most practiced oriental discipline in the world by those who need to rediscover their psychophysical well-being and balance with themselves.

Yoga helps to relax and free one’s mind from worries and stressful thoughts, practicing it frequently allows you to work even on the body that receives many benefits.

Everyone can take a yoga class regardless of age and gender, it is a complementary discipline to the sport that allows to improve physical coordination in a harmonious way, balance and concentration.

Combining different positions you can work on the body in a complete way, developing a balanced and harmonious musculature, but the benefits of yoga are numerous and relate to different aspects.

Yoga and wellness for the body

As for the body, already after a few yoga classes it is possible to witness a greater flexibility of the muscles,which allows you to take positions (asana) that until just before you thought you could do. Yoga exercises improve fitness, restore muscle tone and strength, dissolve movements making them more fluid and increase self-esteem and personal gratification.

There are breathing techniques and yoga exercises that allow relaxation, especially after a long working day, thus giving the body the opportunity to discharge all the accumulated tension and reap important benefits. In fact, thanks to yoga improves posture, the back is less stiff and sore, it improves circulation and the heart feels better.

Deep and controlled breathing of yoga exercises to relax positively affects lung capacity. Some studies, argue that with this discipline there is also a lowering of cholesterol and the immune system is definitely strengthened.

Other benefits of yoga on body health are:

  • – Better awareness of your body
  • – Optimizing weight loss
  • – Regular bowel movements counteracting constipation and poor digestion
  • – Help against back pain and headaches
  • – More elastic joints
  • – Reducing muscle aches
  • – Homogeneous toning of the body
  • – Contrast of cellular aging
  • – Help in combating diseases such as arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Yoga and wellness for the mind

Yoga exercises are great for mental relaxation and to stop from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is a discipline that allows you to stop and rediscover the slow and natural rhythms of the passage of time.

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