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What are the exercises for the high-intensity Tabata

tabata workout photo

Tabata exercises are workouts suitable for those who want to achieve results in a short time, whether it is weight loss, definition and muscle strengthening.

The Tabata training method is a high intensity training (HIIT),useful to quickly burn calories,involves the alternation of 20″ high intensity physical exercise at 10″ recovery.

Blocks should be repeated for a total of four minutes of training for short sessions, but may include multiple repetitions, to increasethe duration of your workout.

Remember that Tabata training exercises subject the cardiovascular system to very intense efforts, so if you want to do these exercises and you are not a sportsman, you will need to have the positive opinion of your doctor first.

After obtaining it, it usually starts with a minimum number of repetitions and exercises of medium intensity, and then increases it a little at a time, along with the quantity.

What do I need for Tabata training?

Tabata workouts can

be done anywhere, in the gym, at home or outdoors. The exercises, as a rule, are carried out without the need for tools, but the more you become an expert and the more you can introduce their use.

For example, you can use a kettlebell, fitball or dumbbells,as well as a mat to do the exercises on the ground.

The classic sequence of the Tabata method involves an exercise being repeated 20″ 8 times, alternating 10″ of recovery. Alternatively it is possible to set tabata circuits,such as, for example, a sequence of exercises to be repeated 8 times, with 20″ of intense effort and 10″ of recovery.

How to structure a Tabata training session

When the Tabata method is performed in the gym, the personal trainer creates a personalized training card and follows you in all phases, if, instead, you want to do exercises at home, you will have to pay attention to some steps.

Before starting tabata exercises, you will have to do a small warm-up to reactivate the circulatory system and muscle system, perhaps doing a slight run on site or a quick walk, and a few minutes of jumps.

After that, you can start performing the exercises. The goal will be to work on all muscle groups, both upper and lower, alternating exercises with aerobic work.

You can choose from multiple Tabata exercises, let’s mention some: squats, bendingand push-up, mountain climbers, burpees, rope jumping, high knee running, kettelball slams, fitball tabata abs, alternating leg lunges, plank.

These are just a few, you can ask your personal trainer what exercises to do and how to perform them. It is essential, when working at high intensity, to take care of breathing and movement. This must be corrected and not cause trauma to the muscles and joints. Better to do a few fewer repetitions but perform it correctly, so as to make the movements effective and the training safe.

At the end of each Tabata training session, you must conclude with some stretching exercise,useful to catch your breath and dissolve your muscles after intense exertion, reducing the risk of suffering trauma and/or injury.

Tabata Cardio Training Example

We report an example of advanced Tabata training that includes 4 sets, each with high intensity exercises to alternate for the duration of each set. The exercises can be adapted to everyone’s fitness, those who approach this workout for the first time, can take longer breaks.

Heating: 10 minutes of cardio, with gradual increase in intensity

Tabata Set 1:
1. Burpees
2. Mountain Climbers
Alternate each exercise for 20 seconds, resting 10 seconds in between and repeating for 8 cycles.
Rest for 1 minute

Tabata Set 2:
1. Long jumps
2. Plyo-Jacks
Alternate each exercise for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds and repeating for 8 cycles.
Rest for 1 minute

Tabata Set 3:
1. Squat jumps
2. Jogging – Alternating High Knees
Alternate each exercise for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 cycles.
Rest for 1 minute

Tabata Set 4:
1. Jump Kicks
2. Jump lunges on one side
Alternate each exercise for 20 seconds, resting 10 seconds in the middle and repeating for 8 cycles.
Rest for 1 minute

Cooling: 5 minutes

Training time :35 minutes

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